As a leader, there is a huge focus on ensuring that the perfect company culture is fostered. You want to make sure that each and every one of your employees feels welcomed, respected and happy with their job. And all of that starts with hiring the right employees. By bringing unfit employees into your company, you are jeopardizing the company’s morale and well-being, which can drastically hurt productivity. Here are a few tips on how to hire the right employee.


Get the job description right

Before a prospective employee sends in his resume, he should have a clear understanding of the role. That begins with the job description. If you have a generic or vague job description posted on your company’s website or any third-party job finding site, you will more than likely receive applicants that are not the right fit for your company, and interviewing multiple unfit applicants is a waste of everybody’s time. Make sure that there is a clear understanding of what the job entails so that anybody applying knows exactly what they are getting into.


Heavily audit those resumes

Obviously, you want to inspect your applicants’ resumes, but really make sure that you understand their skills, qualifications and experience. Also, don’t forget to heavily inspect cover letters; this stems back to getting the job description right. Make sure to ask for cover letters in addition to resumes. You can get a good sense of the applicant’s skills and qualifications from a resume, however, with cover letters, you can get a better sense of who they are as a person. You can learn a great deal from a candidate just by their writing style.


Make the hiring process reflect the company culture

Unfortunately, there is no single, correct way to hire the right employee for your particular company. However, you can make the process much more efficient and successful by making the hiring process reflect the company culture. If you are a traditional, more professional business, then let your applicants know this. If you are, instead, a laid-back, unconventional startup, then definitely let the personality of the company shine through in the process. This will let potential employees get a better sense of the company culture before starting, and clue them in on whether or not they want to continue pursuing a career with your company or not.


Again, there is no magic trick to hiring the perfect employee for every single company, but these tips should help make the process a bit easier. When looking for employees, remember that the hiring process is organic and can change over time. Also, do not feel as though you can not learn from hiring. Learn, adapt and make the process as efficient for your particular company as possible. Good luck!