Welcome back for the second installment of Staple Business Concepts. I really hope you enjoyed the last piece that directly focused on numerous concepts that every business person should know and constantly be aware of. Below you will find some other important concepts that will prove to become worthy of your attention and vital to the success of your business and your reputation as a business professional. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to share!

Create a Competitive Advantage:

Every business needs to carve out their own competitive advantage so that they can be a step ahead of their competition. One of the main goals of a business is to diversify themselves from others with innovative solutions, services, and goods that consumers want. This step can be a bit tricky but it’s something to strongly consider and brainstorm. Your competitive advantage should be completely unique to your company and should evoke emotions from others. Defy the norm.

Vision & Mission:

A company’s vision and mission are the crux of the business as a whole. Without a sound and concrete vision and mission statement, the foundation of a business is unsteady and destined to fail. A company should have a very clear message as to what they do, what they want to accomplish, and briefly mention a plan.


Marketing is another vital area for a business no matter the size. Organizations large and small rely on marketing departments to advertise their goods or services and provide the general public with more knowledge as to what they do and how they can add to a consumer’s life. The concentrated efforts of a marketing department can help a business grow through reaching new groups of people around the country or around the world. It’s important for companies to always be focused on building their brand, their customer service, communications, and more.

Leadership Leading:

If you’ve ever heard the expression, “lead by example,” you will definitely understand why this point needs special mention. If a company has good leadership in place it will trickle down to the employees on all levels, in all departments. If leadership is directly involved with company events, philanthropic deeds, and more, people will more than likely join in as well. This also has a positive effect on people looking to do business with a company that has likable and well-rounded leaders.

Thank you for reading the second installment of Staple Business Concepts. I really hope this article helped and you could take away something from it. Please be sure to check back again soon for new articles and information on business and entrepreneurship.


Thank you!

Irv Holmes