entrepreneurWhat is it truly like to build your own company from the ground up? There are many hard working americans that have pursued their dreams and built something out of only a dream and used hard work and perseverance to acquire what they desired. Now some entrepreneurs have been successful and some have failed but the important piece is that they all tried. They put themselves out there to gain investments or attract attention so they could build something new and innovative. If you have any inclination to start your own company or develop a new product then this article is for you.

Mission & Vision:

Every entrepreneur knows that they need to have a strong and stable mission and vision statement before launching their new service or set of goods. A mission statement is your core purpose and is the reason why you started the business. This statement should very rarely change. On the other hand there is the vision statement of an entrepreneur’s business. The vision of the company is a more elevated idea of what exactly your company does and addresses what your company means to accomplish.


Every business has values. Values to help guide the individual employees and the company as a whole. Setting strong responsible values like stern attention to recycling, commitment to the work place, diversity among employees, safety, and more are things that impact a business and should be made concrete from the very beginning. Your company’s values should not only be made apparent to employees, but customers and the general public as well.


Does your business have a voice? If so, how far does your company’s voice reach? When operating your own company there are a lot of things to take into account in regard to PR and how the public sees you. Making sure that you are signed on to social media and engaging with customers is a major marketing effort sweeping the world of business today. Believe it or not people love when businesses interact with them via social media. A strong company voice is what represents your company to your customers and should be taken very seriously.

Strategies & Tactics:

When it comes to operating your new business you need to know how to make a decision and sometimes very quickly. In order to make decisions one needs to understand the difference between strategies and tactics. Strategies are defined by how you plan to accomplish your objectives. You are more likely than not to have multiple strategies for multiple objectives. Tactics on the other hand are what allow you to accomplish the specific strategies. Tactics tend to change sometimes as the strategies evolve.


Thank you for reading!

Irv Holmes