Applications can speed up projects in the workspace tremendously. Let’s take a look at some of the best apps for larger companies.


1Password – A password protection app that features multiple levels of security. It can generate secure passwords and store them internally with restricted access. If you have a large scale company with numerous passwords for different security sectors, use 1Password to manage all of them at once. There is no limit to the number of stored passwords. When you need to retrieve one, enter your contact information and read the password without a possibility of a breach.


Dropbox – A cloud storage app with an immense amount of memory. You can drop videos, text documents, and pictures in the cloud and retrieve them by accessing the online database. Multiple users can connect to the same cloud, making it an incredible app for sharing large files. Other storage devices have slow upload and download speeds, but the compactness of Dropbox ensures quick accessibility. Large companies can use Dropbox to store documents that would otherwise be lost on a desktop or as paper copies.


Sunrise – A calendar app with an interactive format. Once you connect it to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, you can faces of people who you will encounter throughout the day. This photographic guide allows you to visualize the members of a team. For large companies with numerous members in each department, this type of schedule can organize things efficiently. Because reminders are dispersed to all participants of each event, your team will show up on time, and you can proceed with a meeting. Make sure that all members install the same version of Sunrise for collaboration.


Slice – A package tracking app that can locate a shipment within minutes. By connecting your email account, you can input tracking numbers on the go and track packages using an innovative global positioning system. When they are ready for delivery, you will receive a notification on your phone. In order to manage shipments of larger companies, it is important to have a platform to keep track of them all at once. Slice can do just that using multi tracking technology. The app has information about you, the sender, and the shipping company. If a package does get lost, you will be notified of this catastrophe as well.


iTranslate – A powerful translation app that can convert between over ninety languages. In large companies, some employees may not speak the same language, which makes teamwork difficult. iTranslate will knock down this barrier with voice recognition translation. It is compatible with both speech and text.